Go easy brah, in between all the racket and the rushing around. And no forget how nice when everything is malia. And no give up for nothing, or nobody. Try get along with everybody, and no lie, you. Talk soft, and no ho'omalimali. And no get deaf ear, you. Even the little guys like talk story, too. Stay away from the hustlers who all waha. They only going bother your mana. If you going try to be like somebody else, you going get big head, and feel like one sour see moi. You always going find somebody more akamai and more lolo than you, you know. Enjoy the things you pau with, and the things you can do. Appreciate your job, even though you think it's no big thing. At least you got something going in this kapakahi world. Watch how you take care business because get plenty barracudas all around. But no let this throw you off. Plenty guys go for the max, and get good brothers everywhere. What you are is what you get, you know. No act like you like somebody when you no like um, and no take love cheap because love is garen, just like the honohono grass. If you old, be thankful what you wen learn. Let the kids take over what you no can handle, and be glad for them. Make your mana strong so you can handle pilikia. And no get shook up when you no can think straight, because only easy get scared when your mind no set and you stay all alone. Get it all together brah, but no get too heavy so you get sick. You are a keiki of the universe. Just like the guava trees and all the hokus in the sky, you're supposed to be here, too. And even if you no think so, the universe is doing its thing. So be at peace with Akua. To each his own, you know. And whatever your work and hopes and all this racket, be malia with your mana. Even though it's all jam up and everything is a drag and your dreams all buss up, the world is still outasight. Stay cool, brah, and always try to be happy. And, oh yeah. Aloha!